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The Gardening Guru's Book Review

I have created this web page to help “steer” you through the incredible amount of horticultural books that are available to you, to give you an idea of which books are worth purchasing, and which ones you are better off reading at your local library or bookstore for free. Remember, even the Gardening Guru admits that he does not know everything about gardening. Life is a continual learning experience, and so it is with gardening. This month’s book review is:

Viburnums: Flowering Shrubs for Every Season

By Michael A. Dirr


With their abundance of flower, handsome foliage, robust constitution, and frequently stunning fruits, viburnums are among the most beautiful and versatile hardy shrubs available to gardeners. Yet despite these outstanding qualities, there has never been an entire volume devoted to them – until now. In this definitive, comprehensive, generously illustrated guide, internationally renowned woody plant expert Michael Dirr provides a wealth of information about every species and cultivar worthy of horticultural consideration. Dirr details each plant's height, spread, foliage, habit, floral characteristics, fruits, special traits such as fragrance or attractive bark, hardiness, origin, cultural needs, and overall garden appeal. These finely judged appraisals make it easy for the gardener or designer to choose the right plant for the right situation.

This book is simply stunning with all of the color photographs, but more importantly, the information communicated by Mr. Dirr is extremely enlightening.  For those of you who do not have a viburnum on your property, you will next year after reading this book.  Even if you don't win this book through my contest, it is well worth the $39.95 to purchase, or click the link on my homepage for an even better bargain!

264 pages, hard cover, 427 color photos

If you would like this reviewed copy of Viburnums, a retail value of $39.95 for free (Courtesy of Timber Press and The Gardening Guru), please send an email including your name and mailing address with Gardening Book contest in the subject line to The winner will be notified by email on December 25, 2010, and must agree to have their first name and state publicized on the Gardening Guru’s web site.  Good Luck and Good Gardening! Dave



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