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The GroPole


Every once in a blue moon, someone comes up with a new idea for a garden tool or implement that makes you say, “Wow, what a great idea!” Well, the product we are reviewing is one of those new products that I am sure everyone will want to have for their gardens – The GroPole.

Speaking from personal history, I have used wooden stakes to support everything from tomatoes to cucumbers to large sunflowers. Once you find a 6 foot stake to use, it looks horrible from a landscape point of view to see this large piece of wood sticking out of the garden when the plant is only one foot tall. Unfortunately you need to begin the staking process early for proper support as the plant grows. The next problem with wooden stakes is that they only last for a year or two, when they start to rot from exposure, then it is off to the store to buy more. Even bamboo begins to deteriorate within a few years, and you can never seem to find one with a large enough circumference to give the plant proper support.

Brand new to the market this year is the GroPole, an adjustable plant stake made from UV resistant plastic with some recycled content. What makes this stake different from anything else I’ve seen on the market is that the stake actually grows with the plant, telescoping up to a full 5 feet tall. No longer will you landscape look like a staked out mess. The GroPole is adjustable, so as the plant grows, so does your GroPole. It is a well thought out product, which includes locking supports which click into place while adjusting the pole upward, notches along the ribbed edge so you can have a place to attach your plant ties, even to the cap on the top of the extended pole to prevent water build up inside the pole. Unlike wooden stakes, the GroPole has a flat base which you can step on to push the stake into the ground, and can even take the abuse of a mallet to apply a little more pressure in securing it in the hardest of soil types. How many times have you broken a wooden stake trying to get it in the ground?

Once the gardening year is over, just remove the GroPole and wash it with soapy water to remove any garden debris or soil and store it away for next year – it is that simple. It is so reliable and durable the company backs up the product with a one year warranty, so you know it must be a quality product. Finally, it is made in the USA, which means jobs in this country, something I support whole-heartedly.

For more information and to buy a couple GroPoles for yourself, visit their web site at You will surely love this new product as much as I do.



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